Hackbash devises, plans and delivers technology and automotive content for print and the web

What we do

Ever struggle to get the message across? Technology is complex and full of jargon, yet customers like simple explanations in straightforward language. If you’re marketing a technology service or product and want to sing its praises to the widest audience, we can help.

We’ve 25 years’ experience of working with, writing about or generally getting stuck into consumer and business technology. We’ve sold martech to marketers, distilled electric cars for petrol heads, and focused classroom games on solar energy.

If you’ve got an idea about technology, transport or renewables and need someone to turn it into a story, give us a shout – we’ll help you get the words out.

Technical Editor: Simon Handby

Simon’s past is littered with the bones of machines he’s taken to pieces, and the screws he had left over. His fascination with how things work resulted in a short and dusty career fixing computers in the games industry. Then, in 2004, a chance application led to his dream job: writing for a technology magazine.

Since then, he’s worked as a journalist, copywriter and editor, across client and agency contexts, creating imaginative content from original ideas. Still attracted to what’s new, Simon is driven to understand and explain how home, car and energy technologies work, how they’re changing us, and whether we need them.

Technology and automotive content